Hidden Emotions; Hidden Smile.

Currently in the world, Australia sits at rank number 49 for suicides per 100,000 citizens. With teen suicides becoming more and more painfully common in the news and media, it’s time that questions start to be asked. Here, we delve into the depths of the inner psyche workings behind a young girl who’s suffered from mental illness for a long period of her youth, and life.

Paige, an 18 year old girl who resides within the Sutherland shire spoke extensively to me about her issues and troubles, from her early days of high school up until now, highlighting her struggles to cope with her feelings, and the struggles to express her thoughts. “It honestly just seemed never ending, I felt like every day something else would stab me in the side”…. “I mean, some days i would feel a bit better and think I’m making progress, but when you’re suffering from these disorders, one thing will set you off and send you spiralling back down”. As i spoke to her, you could see the emotion dwelling within her eyes as she told me of her experiences.

“One of my biggest regrets in life is the decisions to harm myself”, she said. “It’s left me with scars, scars on my wrist and my legs that I wish did not exist, but at the same time they are kinda like a reminder I guess, a reminder that I’m past that and I’m never going back” I noticed a slight smile flicker across her face as she said that.  Growing up in a broken home, she experienced a large amount of neglect, which she believes played a major role in her troubled days in her youth.

It then occurred to me, what would people say to this story? How would those involved in her life react to this, not knowing everything she’s been through? And as seen through our second speaker from the video who wished to remain anonymous, it’s shocking. “It makes you feel bad almost for not noticing these things, when you go through trouble yourself you’re generally automatically on the lookout for others in need, but once you know about it, you’re going to make sure they’re okay all the time, you don’t want anyone feeling the way you did”.

So it seems that those suffering, come together in their own support network. However, is that enough? I don’t think so. As a personal sufferer myself, these stories hit hard, and I can only hope it hits the general public hard enough too, enough to make a change.


Soul Serenity

In the comfort of her own bedroom, we visit the inner workings and psyche of a young girl named Paige, troubled by her thoughts and experiences she shys away from the world and finds serenity and peace among the beauty nature has to offer her at a local council gardens, which could only be described as a place of inner peace, in the inner city. Here we establish her deep love for the finer things in life when all the noises, stress and anger of the outside world just becomes way too much.

More Information, Less Attention.

Over time, technology has been proven to be both a positive and a negative for humanity. With such quick access to information with the internet and social media, however, how much has this affected Journalism? With such quick and instant access now there are fears of the journalist becoming a more endangered species, as newsrooms start finding their information from everyday people, and others finding news from a twitter feed.

The issue does not only affect just journalists, with the evolution of phones into the modern day smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, it has started to become evident that even professional photographers are coming at risk and being replaced by the everyday onlookers who snap up a quick shot on their phone as it happens.

The complete process of gathering news and writing up a story seems to becoming nearly endangered as people look for the quick fix of information without the details behind it. Especially with rise to prominence of websites like Twitter, short character limited posts mean the message needs to be sent in as little words as possible, turning the long news article you would sit down and read, to essentially an extended headline in the twitter feed to give you the idea of what is happening.

With the internet, attention spans are now shorter than ever. What hope would a long written article with plenty of sources and research have from an upcoming journalist have in a new world of news which runs off a he-said, she-said basis? Journalism however, will remain, but these new ways of acquiring information need to be kept up with and journalists need to evolve along with it to avoid being left behind in a world that somehow continues to get information out faster and faster.

Freedom of the Press, The People’s Right to Information.

The goal of a Journalist is to provide information to the public about the goings on and events of the current times. Through freedom of the press, Journalists are able to publish their information as they wish. However, when it comes to corrupt governments, or controversial figures, it can cause some problems with powerful people. Freedom of the press is a concept in danger in many areas of the globe, with journalists often being locked up such as the Al Jazeera case in Egypt.  Freedom of the press and shady government dealings are an ironically common combination, which in turn puts many Journalists lives in those countries at risk, bringing global attention to this issue.

Freedom of the press is an essential feature of Journalism; it is what enables the people of a society to know what it happening, who they are being led by, and what types of events are occurring. In this sense, a journalist can almost sometimes be seen as a revolutionary icon when writing of such events. In some cases, it’s almost been a case of risking your life for the freedom of information for the people to know.

Freedom of the press is starting to become a concept not just known to journalists, however. With the increase in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, people’s opinions and first-hand accounts of events are more prominent than ever, so even with journalists being locked up there are still large voices out there getting information out.

Does this mean the idea of information being hidden is extinct? No. Although freedom of the press may expand further out now, Journalists themselves still cannot obtain enough information. What happens behind closed doors rarely escapes, however it is still the journalists goals to find as much information as possible, and to serve the people and provide the information they deserve about their world.